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Celebrity Hair Stylist Rita Hazan: 10 Rules for Being a Brunette

I came across the following "rules" by Rita Hazan, celebrity hair stylist and salon owner, on a beauty blog and wanted to share it with our clients. These are great tips for fabulous brunette hair.
— Lisa Kasmen

By Rita Hazan

1) Make sure your shade is not too dark for your skin tone, nor too light.

2) I like brunettes to have some warmth – not red! It should be rich and I like to add gold tones, otherwise it looks dull.

3) I recommend getting a few highlights to break the color up, this way it doesn’t look dense or like a wig.

4) Make sure you keep your locks hydrated and healthy, use a shampoo and conditioner that say “hydrating” on them.

5) If you have any grey and color every two weeks, try to lighten up your color by a shade or two or get highlights around the hairline.

6) If you’re a natural brunette and are starting to get grey, you have a few options:
    a)   Cover it completely with a permanent dye

    b)   If you don’t want to color you hair with a full single process, just get a few highlights. This will help blend and camouflage the few grays that you do have.

    c)   For something less harsh, you can use a vegetable dye if you have limited grey.

7) Brunettes can look exotic in a world of many blondes! So if you’re looking for a change and your blonde, use a vegetable or semi-permanent dye. This will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

8) Make sure you wear the right makeup for your skin tone; otherwise you may look washed out. Sandy Linter, makeup artist extraordinaire at my salon (and who’s taught me a thing or two on having a flawless face), says that brunettes should “make sure they wear the right makeup for their skin tone, otherwise they may look washed out. A key factor with brunettes is having beautiful brows – do not over-pluck! Brows are really noticed on brunettes.”

9) When you go into the sun, make sure you use products with SPF in them. Brown hair tends to fade very fast and can get orangey or brassy in the sun.

10) If you feel like your hair always turns brassy, I suggest going one shade darker.