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Hotheads Hair Extensions are here and the first reviews from our customers are great!


We are loving this new option for our clients to enjoy extensions. If you have thinning hair and just want a fuller look or you want that long, glamorous look, Hotheads Hair extensions are a terrific option.

The system uses a different application technique that is quicker, it blends in and feels better in your hair than other extensions we have tried. One application can last 8 - 10 weeks and they can be reapplied up to 2 more times, which really adds to their value! Hotheads offers a large color section for easy matching. They also have 2 textures to accomodate most hair types.

Price will vary based on thickness and length of original hair and number of packs applied. Pricing can only be quoted during a free consultation with a stylist. Visit hotheadshairwear.com for more information.

Below are a few of our before and after shots.